An exclusive collaboration with the world famous pink sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, gave us the possibility to create this evening dress for the launch of the new Gazzetta dello Sport.

A glamorous event with many known names in Italian Sports history came together.

The fabric, the print and the design were all 100% made in Italy.

Trying to relive certain historic moments of the Italian National Football team, we put together en ensemble of articles and images that bring a lot of passion, emotions and memories to many of us.
Italy has always been knows for its leading industry in fashion; but they also managed to make a newspaper “sexy”, which is an art on its own.

Being able to put these two things together is a great honor for us and we will  do our best to keep bringing you new emotions through our collections.

The “La Gazzetta dello Sport” collection will soon be available for Men and Women in our online store ( and in the  TA-BOU beachwear stores (


“La Gazzetta dello Sport” Italy Edition

This is a very exclusive collection. We printed our finest fabrics with memories of the Italian Football History, to relive and proudly wear those iconic moments.

Giving you the possibility to make a statement without saying a word.


“La Gazzetta dello Sport” Marouane Fellaini Edition

For the brave only! :) Our Motto is to trust your own madness; as through that, and only through that, you will manage to outlive your own expectations. We live in a world that keeps our boundaries close and we have a tendency to fear the judgment of others.

To reach great goals in life sometimes you need to break rules and trust your inner instinct. This is why we chose to collaborate with Marouane Fellaini. He’s a great player and a great person, living our motto to the fullest. He hasn’t always been accepted or seen as what he really is, but he never gave up. That is what brought him this far in life. Playing several years for Everton, transferring then to Manchester United and now enjoying his time with a new challenge in China.

We are very proud to have him as our ambassador!